Clicky Points for Retailers


As you can see from the previous blog post there are numerous benefits that Clicky Points offer customers. Clicky Points’ services don’t just stop there, they also provide retailers with countless advantages too.

As expected of loyalty schemes, Clicky Points really incentivise customer footfall, loyalty and retention. The Clicky Points scheme also dispels any scepticism that consumers have with regards to discount offers and instead provides them a genuine money saving alternative.

Retailers can choose the reward level received by the customer in line with their profit margins. Additionally, If they further wish to promote customer loyalty they can choose one of the premier reward levels which will see the customers points grow over a 12-month period increasing their spending power and driving sales. The higher premier levels can be used to incentivise without discounting.

What’s more, retailers can track all transactions and generate reports in their personally dedicated, free online account area. This data provides retailers with the opportunity to target consumers with deals preferable to them. Clicky Points even offers a text and email marketing system which allows retailers to forward their special offers onto cardholders. In addition, all Clicky Points retailers will be immediately added to the online search facility allowing customers to find them easily and helping direct footfall to these specific businesses. These details are also available to consumers through our free App’s.

Retailers of all sizes can save money that they would otherwise spend on debit and credit card transactions when customers make purchases using their Clicky Points, we settle all transactions within 3 days.

It is evident that the Clicky Points scheme is extremely flexible (i.e. reward level options) and saves retailers of all sizes money as opposed to debit/credit card systems. The online account area also increases the transparency of the whole scheme allowing retailers to keep on top of every aspect of what they’ve signed up for.


So just remember, for a loyalty scheme that benefits not just consumers but also retailers, Clicky Points is at your service…!

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